>Eavesdropping On the Prez

by jvaragona


I always like these stories of mics being left on catching comments that we normally wouldn’t hear. CBS News reports that the reporters eavedropped on Bush discussing eavesdropping thanks to a mic left on.

And more news to make Bush look even better…

Michael Brown, the ex-FEMA chief that stepped down after dropping the ball with Hurricane Katrina, claims he notified officials at the White House the day the levees were breached. This contradicts earlier reports that they were left in the dark, even though technically at that point, most likely nothing could have been done.

Former aide to the vice-prez, Scooter Libby, testified that his superiors authorized him to leak information to the press regarding justification of invading Iraq, which lead to the leak of the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Considering his superiors were unnamed, one can only suppose that this indicates Vice-President Dick had something to do with this whole debacle.

Jack Abramoff, DC lobbyist that ripped off several Native American groups and consequently plead guilty to fraud charges, said of Bush in statements revealed this week:

“The guy saw me in almost a dozen settings, and joked with me about a bunch of things, including details of my kids. Perhaps he has forgotten everything, who knows,” Abramoff wrote in an e-mail to Kim Eisler, national editor for the Washingtonian magazine.

This of course was after Bush denied ever meeting Abramoff, despite reports that photos exist of the two together at events.
Ah, the drama of the DC. I can’t wait until Laura leaves George for another woman and Congress is overthrown by midgets that were unlawfully profiled through the PATRIOT Act. Don’t tell me it can’t happen. Things keep getting crazier.