>Dick Shot A Quail In Texas, Just To See It Was A Man?

by jvaragona

My last post concerned recent events involving the White House that some would deem “effed up”. To add more to my arsenal, we learn today that Vice President Dick shot a man yesterday. Technically it was an accident, and they were hunting, but the details are still a bit sketchy.

For instance, Dick’s office did not report this until almost 24 hours later, after the local paper broke the story earlier today. The men were wearing bright orange vests, but apparently Dick was fixated on his quail and didn’t realize he shot one of his hunting companions in the cheek, neck, and chest. The companion/victim was one Harry Whittington, described as “a millionaire attorney from Austin”. The AP states further:

Whittington has been a private practice attorney in Austin since 1950 and has long been active in Texas Republican politics. He’s been appointed to several state boards, including when then-Gov. George W. Bush named him to the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

Katharine Armstrong, who owns the property, summed up the event well by saying, “…the vice president picked out a bird and was following it and shot. And by god, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good.”

Granted, the man was shot with pellets, but he was bleeding, and despite being reportedly “stable and doing well”, Whittington is in intensive care. Who knows what he did to deserve this hit from the President’s right hand man? And is this only the beginning from our vigilante federal government? If one of us disagrees with them, could we be the next to get “peppered real good”??!