Admittedly, it’s been a while since I have worked on a video project. It was my love in college. Below are some examples of my work:

T51: The Eve of Destruction (2005) – Throughout college, I worked at the only Target store in the city limits of St. Louis. In the Fall of 2004, they announced to us that the store was going to be demolished and rebuilt. Management, knowing my studies were involving video, asked if I’d want to put something together as a memento for the employees. They ended up having me basically work on the clock as a documentarian for the last 2 months. The result captures what made that location special.

Diseased Sensations (2005) – I made this piece for an Experimental Video class. Hopefully it shows the annoying repetition and aspects to consider in the everyday life of a Type 1 diabetic, which I am. It was featured at Keene State College in New Hampshire in an exhibit entitled “Art = Body + Mind: How Psychic and Physical Health Inform Artistic Expression.” It was described stating it “unflinchingly portrays the student filmmaker’s everyday life with Type 1 diabetes.”

Joy’s World “Killing Your Husband” (2005) – I interned for a semester at KDHX-TV, a now defunct public access television station. I shot 4 programming bumpers with funny lady Joy Grdnic. This was my favorite that we put together. She had pieces written ahead of time that we would pick to do and would collaborate on visual ideas. The audio leaves a bit to be desired, but I enjoy the edit and the concept of this one.