Jim Varagona

Month: January, 2007

>STAR (Email SPAM Poetry)

>I received the following in my inbox today, which slipped through my bulk email folder. Some of these are so thought provoking.


Started, star catcher, style insider train wrecks wacky, weird.
Four gawker gabsmash gallery absurd gilded moose give.
Whore tall glass milk towleroad tvgasm squad, twangville vip.
Arriving at, disney sound bytes, surreal life, getsreal jeff.
Format annoyingly perky today will go head?
Question, absolute punk antimusic, art.
Bennetts ordinary lovethe, hills, are.
Rees, love hewitts pooch prozac bennetts.
Excellent picks another promotes, forgets her, brainmiss.
Started, star catcher, style insider train wrecks wacky, weird.

I love how it opens and closes with the same thought. What is a “tvgasm” though?


>Best License Plate I’ve Seen

>I hear a lot of folks say personalized plates are dumb because they make no sense, but isn’t the fun in wondering? The obvious plates are fun too, like the mom of a high school classmate with a “666” plate. This was especially amusing considering it was a Catholic high school we attended. It also made me think of the fact that it is the only “666” plate in the state, so she must have felt special when it was available.

My plates say “DIABTO”, which is of course in reference to my Diabetoboy moniker. It’s fun to have folks guess at its meaning or ask me about them.

Before we hit the road to Jesusland last year, the Filipinos of the IRS and I spotted these plates in a grocery store parking lot.

I later saw the same vehicle in transit while bar hopping with friends one night. We tried to snap a photo to no avail, but I did remember this photo which I snapped on my phone upon the first sighting. Does it help that it belongs to an older handicapped woman? I think so.

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