>I’m a Friend of Andrew

by jvaragona

I just got this photo from a former co-worker from Target. This is me and Andrew, a high-pitched fellow that frequents the south St. Louis neighborhood where this Target is. This was actually taken at the grand opening of the store that was built to replace the one I worked at and made a documentary of, which I addressed before here.

In my documentary, “T51: The Eve of Destruction,” Andrew suggests they save the steel from the old building and make a giant statue of Jesus Christ out of it. Unfortunately, that was left out of the design.

Also take note, I am wearing an “Arlondo” nametag. I collected nametags while working at the old store of strangely named people that actually worked there. “Arlondo” became the name of a Spanish pimp persona I used a couple of times while working there.

Andrew T-shirts available here. I showed him the designs for them on buttons, which he thanked me for. I hope to buy him junk food with the proceeds.