>My Holiday Rant or Message

by jvaragona


I am sick of these goddamned forwarded emails about why Christmas should be the only thing we celebrate. This year the Jews celebrate their festivities on the same day. The black folk have their Kwanzaa. Why is it so wrong to just say “Happy Holidays”?

Wasn’t this country founded on the basis of freedom of religion?

And sure, a Christmas tree shouldn’t be called a holiday tree, because it should be associated with that holiday, but really people, why should you care so much if Christmas is all about CHRIST? Note: This is an observation of others’ arguments, not a religious rant from me. Jesus was not surrounded by Douglas Firs in Bethlehem…I am sorry. So, if you are celebrating CHRISTmas, think about what Jesus would do. I am sure he wouldn’t rant about what we call Scotch Pines or if others have different views that do not hurt us. Jesus loved others as should you.

Be daring, you religious zealots and so called patriotic people. Throw out your trees and spend time with your loved ones. Everyone quit their dramatic bitching and arguing for one day please. Stop spending so much and donate more. Look at all those people suffering from disaster this past year, or any other person suffering from whatever. Pick a pet group of suffering.

And why must everyone be so angry as they shop? A time that I think should symbolize family and love just brings out the raging lunatic in everyone. I have worked in retail for the past 5 years now, and for some reason around this time, people flock into stores and expect to be helped immediately or get pissed off about a little traffic. You can’t avoid these things if you choose to enter into the consumer world during the month of December.

I’m not saying “Bah, humbug,” just because I am ranting here. I’m saying I thought the Christmas season was about something else.

So Merry or Happy Whatever. More power to you. As Americans we should have that power of choice. Even if that means not celebrating anything at all. I only hope those that celebrate something, realize the true meaning of it and whether or not it makes them look like hypocrites.

Happy Holidays from the angry Diabeto!