>I Sold My Soul to the Devil to Cure the Common Cold

by jvaragona

At least that’s what my fiance and future mother in law think. I bought some “666 Cold Preparation.” It seems to have a nice cocktail of drugs in it to fight my mucusy cold. I wonder why they would come up with a name like that…and not even involve the devil in the packaging design. I went to the Monticello Drug Company’s web site (they make the product). They don’t help out at all, but the “Our Mission” section is quite amusing. The President looks funny for one. He does state that they give a lot back to homeless shelters and battered women. Who said the devil was evil?! It’s a shame they don’t spend any on advertising. I can imagine a cartoony red devil screaming, “I will annihilate your cold!” and launching his pitchfork at a live person holding their throat and coughing. They’d make billions.

While investigating this wonder, I did find this fellow’s site which beat me to the punch, and quite well. Enjoy reading his fun with the manufacturer of the devil’s syrup.