>My High School Breeds More Than Druggies and Slackers

by jvaragona

I forgot to mention this over a week ago…Tom Kavanaugh, who went to Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis, my alma mater, ended his 9-day reign as Jeopardy! champion on Jan. 10 with a grand total of more than $140,000. He was in my sister’s class, which graduated in 1996. They also attended SLU at the same time. It is a general misconception that people that go to DuBourg are druggies and slackers. The fact that the infamous South Side Rapist, Dennis Rabbit, went there for a short period of time, didn’t help. That is not to say that those types do not exist there, but they are not the majority either.

Anyway, after a quick search, it’s easy to see Kavanaugh’s become quite a heartthrob. Women are insulting other contestants and even calling him “the hottest thing to hit Jeopardy! in an ice age” (which I question the sense that makes).

Apparently Tom divulged on the show that “his current wife is his ex-girlfriend’s best friend. He started dating her to get back at his ex, and it blossomed into marriage.” Tom, that’s messed up, but very DuBourgian. If you could only pick up a drug habit now.