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>The Pump Girls??!


The Pump Girls, diabetic insulin pumpers, with Bob Dole, (penis) pumper.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d have to discuss this. The Pump Girls–listed on the Famous Diabetics site, stating:

a new rock band consisting of 4 girls aged 12-15. The girls, who are all from Southern California, sing about boys, love, dancing and overcoming challenges. They all have Juvenile Diabetes. One of their goals is to motivate other teens to deal with the challenges of the disease successfully. The girls will launch “The Pump Girls Whirl Tour”, a multi-city tour to introduce their new CD and to raise awareness for teens living with diabetes. Part of the proceeds from the sale of their CD will go to a special “Pump for a Better Life” Fund which will assist children around the world in need of insulin pump therapy.

I’m all for education and charity, but this is ridiculous. They sound like one of those generic ’80s pop groups. Is this what has to be done to get though to diabetic kids? Why not a giant dancing syringe?

“Syringy’s my friend.”

Or an obese, hairy white boy that flies around on a rocket propelled syringe–call him Diabetoboy. He could fight evil doers with syringe darts. Michael Bay would greenlight that movie.

But no, we get The Pumpgirls. With songs like “Ollie Ollie Oxen”, “We’re Not Too Young To Rock N Roll”, and “A1C” ( a song about the blood test that helps give an idea of your blood sugar for the past three months), you may be thinking I’m the Scrooge of Diabetics for saying anything about kids’ stuff. I ask you though: look how far they went with Barney and the goddamned Teletubbies…is that what we want?! And no offense Girls, but should we really be promoting obesity with diabetes education?

Anyway, for your amusement, they offer free downloads, to compile your own best of CD, or you could find their CD at Amazon.com.



>Famous Diabetics

>While waiting in the waiting room of my endocrinologist (doctor dealing with diabetes among other things), I read through one of those funny disease themed mini-mags. I came across an interesting piece that mentioned a website that documented celebrities and other famous people with diabetes (http://www.angelarose.com/FamousDiabetics/). It even mentions characters from films that were diabetics, like Julia Roberts’s character in Steel Magnolias. They fail to mention Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room, though, which plays a pivotal role in the film. The info. is very interesting, but the appearance and navigation of the site is pretty crappy. At least I now know that Halle Berry, Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds), and Q-Tip (of the group A Tribe Called Quest) all shoot/shot insulin.

Side note: in the musicians section, they mention the musical group Pump Girls, referring to them all having diabetes and wearing pumps. That’s about as funny as Captain Novolin, the diabetic superhero Super Nintendo game (please follow that link, which everyone will appreciate). My next blog will be about Pump Girls.


>My High School Breeds More Than Druggies and Slackers

I forgot to mention this over a week ago…Tom Kavanaugh, who went to Bishop DuBourg High School in St. Louis, my alma mater, ended his 9-day reign as Jeopardy! champion on Jan. 10 with a grand total of more than $140,000. He was in my sister’s class, which graduated in 1996. They also attended SLU at the same time. It is a general misconception that people that go to DuBourg are druggies and slackers. The fact that the infamous South Side Rapist, Dennis Rabbit, went there for a short period of time, didn’t help. That is not to say that those types do not exist there, but they are not the majority either.

Anyway, after a quick search, it’s easy to see Kavanaugh’s become quite a heartthrob. Women are insulting other contestants and even calling him “the hottest thing to hit Jeopardy! in an ice age” (which I question the sense that makes).

Apparently Tom divulged on the show that “his current wife is his ex-girlfriend’s best friend. He started dating her to get back at his ex, and it blossomed into marriage.” Tom, that’s messed up, but very DuBourgian. If you could only pick up a drug habit now.


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