>I’ve Been Recognized

by jvaragona

>My god…if I have one…I am in the RFT (the Riverfront Times, a local weekly paper).

I thought it was odd that an ex of mine from high school emailed me congratulating me on the feat of being recognized for Local Blog O’ the Week in the Unreal column of the RFT. It has been 2 days since the publish date and that was the first I heard of it. I did think it was strange though that my store had a spike in sales for the past two days.

The highlight listed was from my blog on November 15th about the passing of my pet rabbit, Hefnerita. I must say it was a nice graphic passage.

Anyway, thanks to the mysterious writer of Unreal for the recognition. Also thanks to whomever submitted the blog for approval.

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Can I get an amen?