>I Usually Hate Remakes, But This Is An Exception

by jvaragona

>I stumbled across this and do not remember how. I love Jack Nicholson. I even took a class on him in college, along with my Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, and Elvis classes. I put my education to good use. Anyway, this is one of the greatest things I’ve randomly stumbled upon on the web as of late. It is a remixed version of “The Shining” trailer.

Click here to view it.

On September 30, the NY Times ran an exclusive about the clip, stating:

Mr. Ryang won the contest, and about 10 days ago, he said, he sent three friends a link to a “secret site” on his company’s Web site where they could watch his entry. One of them, Mr. Ryang said, posted it on his little-watched blog. And that was that. Until this week, when he was hit by a tsunami of
Internet interest. On Wednesday, Mr. Ryang said, his secret site got 12,000 hits. By Thursday the numbers were even higher, his film was being downloaded and linked to on countless other sites, it had cracked the top 10 most popular spoofs on www.ifilm.com, and a vice president at a major Hollywood studio had called up his office, scouting for new talent.

The man is a genius. Enjoy.