>I Cured Diabetes By Walking

by jvaragona


Justin (left) and Shannon (right) looking for a cure to Diabetes on the streets of Town and Country, MO.
Maybe not, but yesterday, I did participate in the Walk for Diabetes at Maryville University. The Diabetoboy Productions team consisted of myself, my fiance Shannon, and friend/best man Justin Cook. Technically also soliciting donations was Paul Dry, a friend, who couldn’t walk due to a mid term. Our team total raised was $710, which ain’t too bad. We walked for 3.5 to 4 miles, instead of the original 3, because of confusion at the site. I’m not sure why we were walking anyway though, since we already turned in the money. After working long hours this past week, 4 miles wears a brother out.

The Diabetoboy Productions Team (Shannon, Justin, me—from left)

One perk to the ordeal was getting a free foot exam. Diabetics can have all kinds of foot problems from nerve damage due to high blood sugars. The kind folks from Forest Park Hospital therefore gave free exams to make sure I wouldn’t require an amputation. A male doctor was touching my feet though, which didn’t bother me a whole lot, but it wasn’t my first choice. Luckily, I will have my feet for at least a few more years. Now all I have to worry about is erectile disfunction.

After the walk, we hit up Gus’s Pretzels, because of my addiction to pretzels. Not the best thing for a diabetic to inhale, but better than cake or gnawing on pure sugar cane. I want to be a pretzel vendor some day, especially if my career in retail servicing doesn’t pan out. Just imagine having access to all the pretzels you want all day.

I’m out.