>Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

by jvaragona


I don’t like to rip off others’ blogs, but this Pope made a nice discovery.

Oh how I miss my youth spent at Showbiz Pizza Place with Billy Bob and the rest of the Rockafire gang. Why, oh why did the evil cousin Chuck E. Cheese overthrow this great haven for the children??

Anyway, I came upon this local blogger that came upon a YouTuber that apparently owns the old animatronics from ShowBiz and programs them to new music. Fantastico!

The Beatles’ “Free As a Bird”

Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova”

“Ms. New Booty” and more vids to select from…

An interesting history of ShowBiz and the Rockafire Explosion on WikiPedia.

YouTube user Chris Thrash’s full selection of videos.