>Jorblessness and the Measure of Success

by jvaragona

>I received two passionate responses to “Things Have Changed”, a posting in which I dwelled upon the success of NBA players younger than I and compared it to where I am now in my life. I thank Jeremy and Sergio for being consistent readers and for looking out for the Diabeto.

I didn’t mean for it to seem like my measure of success is solely based on money. Those b-ballers and shot callers aren’t the greatest people on earth, even the best athletes. Considering my plight though, and looking at things from my side of the fence, it would be nice to have some cash, and those boys seem to get it easy.

The posting also dealt with the flow of life, how things can be a certain way for a while, then suddenly change. It certainly keeps things interesting, but can also be a pain in the ass.

I cannot ask for sympathy. Several job leads have come my way, which I have passed upon simply because they were too similar to my last situation. I’d rather keep looking because the taste in my mouth is still pretty friggin’ bitter. The “Ramp Down” effect, as the leaked memo from my former employer referred to it as, took me down hard. I don’t understand why companies need to change the wording of these things so much when they could just say, “We’re downsizing to keep the greenbacks coming”, or “Instead of skimming from the bottom of our seniority, we’re skimming pond scum…and you’re it.”

As Sergio suggested, mooching meals works well and keeps the wife fed and happy. She has found employment, but unfortunately the checks won’t be seen for weeks, given the time she entered the pay cycle and the stage of the moon at that point.

I am certain that this is all for the better. When you have to create a fictional world of mobsters and intrigue to cover the boring nature of a job as a glorified stockboy, it’s probably better off to cut loose. That isn’t to say the job didn’t have any intrigue, but I’m not so sure that “Secrets of the Retail Servicing World” could bump the ratings juggernaut of “Internet Predators Caught”.

It is disturbing to me though, that my charismatic self could be shaved off of the donkey, leaving behind men that torture innocent animals by stomping on them and dragging their feet, leaving behind a bloody mess.

And that’s the truth.