>Full Moon Fever

by jvaragona

>I’m not one to believe in cosmic mumbo jumbo. I don’t look up my horoscope and live my life in fear of “something unfortunate transpiring from a business dealing” or whatever generic BS they prescribe. However, today I found myself having one of those record breaking days that forced me to say, “is there a full moon out”?

As the day progressed and each odd occurence piled up, the question became a more serious one…not necessarily the full moon question, but more of a general “what the hell is going on here?” That is especially considering how much you can really question the phase of the moon during daylight hours.

We all have these days at some point. Nothing seems to go according to how you would assume, and not even close. As much as you think you are right, you are constantly told you are wrong. There are twists in the storyline that cannot be explained. What you think is silly deja vu is some sick joke of reality.

It’s like you’re having this great First Communion bash at your place with all the family and punch and pie, but you suddenly discover your pet guinea pig is a paralyzed bloody mess because a little cousin got ahold of it and thought it would be cool to ride it. You expect the happy happy joy joy, but all you get is an annoying rubber nipple salesman at your door. Sometimes life don’t make no sense…real good.

Out of curiosity, when I arrived home, I checked the moon’s calendar, which states the full moon for this month hits tomorrow during the 23rd hour. I was only a day off. So maybe there is some truth to all of this nonsense. Maybe there’s some kind of magnetism in the rotation that is affecting people adversely. Strange days are no good, except when they’re Doors’ songs.