>Winners of the Retail Servicing Cup!

by jvaragona


The Retail Servicing Cup

To the doubters of the power of retail servicing: maybe you just don’t realize how much we do as Retail Service Representatives. Look, the people you put down are the people you depend on. We fix your barbeque grills; we arrange your pots. We display your worm poop fertilizers; we build your patio displays. Do not…fuck with us.

At least the Midwestern Legion of Retail Service Representatives recognized us this week as Retail Servicing group of the year. Our head Filipino accepted the Cup awarded to us. We celebrated by eating 4 fresh fish that he killed with a homemade bamboo blow gun. It was enough to bring leftovers to his starving family.

Here comes dinner!

This week was rough. We had to team up with others from the establishment we were working at. Some old man that let the power get to his head got to the retired pro wrestler we work with. He lost it and ended up climbing one of the steel shelving structures and elbow dropping on the old man. Never underestimate our power. Remember…those fancy Christmas tree setups you see during the holiday season…those are our gnomes that put those together.

  • If you are wondering who’s behind the setups at Danny & Clyde’s Food Service in Mandeville, Louisiana, it’s not us…look to these guys.