>I Have the Sudden Urge to Learn How to Fly Fish

by jvaragona


I admit I am a large mammal and happen to have a lot of body hair, probably because of my Italian heritage. While there are advantages to this, like being able to draw giant funny faces on my abdomen and bouncing my belly up and down so it looks like it’s whistling, there are some drawbacks. As you can see, my belly button creates some interesting lint in combination with the shedding hairs. This bit looks like a fly fishing lure. I never seem to be able to keep up with the tackle box that is my belly button. And so is life.

Comparing my body lint to a lure makes me feel old. A couple of nights ago in bed, I was about to nod off, but I felt like I was forgetting to tell my fiance something. “Oh yeah,” I said. “I had the worst gas today.” And that was it. She was astounded that I had to think about that. Our relationship has gotten to that uncomfortable comfortability point where we can freely discuss our bodily functions. It’s great. Last night she told me about an incredible crap she took. I’m joking.