>A Follow Up or Tom Kavanaugh, This Blog’s For You

by jvaragona


A week ago, I discussed Tom Kavanaugh, an alum from the high school I went to, that hit it big on Jeopardy! recently (“My High School Breeds More Than Druggies and Slackers”). Well, Tom caught wind of this and commented on that entry.

I like to give Bishop DuBourg High School related folks and miscellanea kudos when I find it necessary. Sometimes it’s hard though, because personally, I didn’t like high school too much. When a guy makes it to Jeopardy! though, you got to give props. If anyone has information that they’d like me to post into the blogosphere, please forward it to me, that includes any personal advertisements Tom (i.e. what you are up to these days).

Norb Butz, DuBourg alum

In his comment, Tom brought up a good point. In the past year, Norbert Butz, also a DuBourg alum, won a Tony for lead actor in a musical (for Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels) up against John Lithgow, Tim Curry, and Hank Azaria. Back in 1985, I believe, my sister was the flower girl in Our Town, put on at Cor Jesu High School in St. Louis, and Norb Butz was a lead in that too. I went to school with Norb’s brother Adam and had classes with another brother, Kevin. The boys come from a family with 11 kids, so I guess they have to win Tony’s to stand out.

Also brought up was Ken Page (IMDB file), who I didn’t know too much about, but has done work on Broadway and voice work in The Nightmare Before Christmas and All Dogs Go to Heaven.

So once again, not everyone from that school is a loser…except add this guy to the list.