>At Least My Diabetes Is Good for Something…Another Video of Mine Made It

by jvaragona

>On October 8th, I blogged about discovering that a video of mine made it onto Post-VideoArt.com. Blowie the Spacemonkey isn’t my best work, but apparently someone took to it.

About a week and a half ago, I submitted what I consider my best experimental piece, Diseased Sensations. It is an 8 minute piece about my Diabetes, the emotions involved, and the repetitive nature of the Diabetic lifestyle. Today, I discovered, they picked it. It is now the 147th submission to make their list.

It holds a special place in my heart as the first piece of mine to be viewed on a big screen. It was beautiful, even though there are many glimpses of my obese body (according to the BMI). I have also been told that the barrage of needles and bits of blood may require a warning, so this is it. The web site’s viewing size is unfortunately small, but if you turn up your speakers and sit back, you’ll get the gist.

Special thanks to Van McElwee. I made this for his Experimental Video Production class at Webster University.