>The Whole Crappy Truth?

by jvaragona

>I promise not to blog about toilets or bathrooms anymore after this, unless it is really interesting. Our boy, Bob Dougherty, who claimed his rear end was super glued to a toilet seat at a Home Depot Store in 2003, passed a polygraph which questioned him about his improbable tale. He also denied reports that his butt was stuck to a toilet seat again in 2004 at the Nederland, Colorado visitor’s center.

The toilet man Dougherty (right), and his attorney, Mark Cohen (left), fighting for $3 million in Goo Be Gone. (AP)

This is how the Associated Press reported:

Ron Trzepacz, former director of operations in Nederland, where Dougherty lives, had told the Rocky Mountain News that Dougherty claimed in 2004 that he had been glued to a toilet seat in the town’s visitor center but pulled himself free. Dougherty denies that and said he didn’t know Trzepacz.

Messages previously left by the AP for Trzepacz, who now lives in Franklinville, N.Y., have not been returned.

My question now is why did it take him so long to come forward and ask for $3 million in damages from Home Depot if this happened in 2003? It is an embarassing story, but if you’re going to sue, get it over with. Maybe next time he should wipe down the seat first or use one of those nifty covers.