>My Potty Story for the Day

by jvaragona

>So I go into the john at Home Depot today and the lights are out. These aren’t the automatic type that should have turned on when I went in; it was a simple switch. Yeah, so I flipped the switch, and then I hear the grumblings of a man in the midst of his bowel movement. He could have at least said “Thanks,” or whatever of that he could muscle out–a “thks” would have sufficed.

How long was this man in there? Was this someone’s sick joke on him, or does he maybe like to crap in the dark?? There is a certain ambiance achieved by just flicking that switch off. For hygenic reasons though, I cannot support this. I can only come away from this thinking that I saved this guy, and he just kept on pooping. What a stinky jerk.