>All Hallows Eve of Sith on DVD

by jvaragona

>Hope everyone is having or did have a splendid Halloween. Diabetics are either jealous of you or making themselves horribly ill trying to act ‘normal.’ The latter is much more exciting.

I remember my first Diabetic Halloween was only 2 weeks after I was diagnosed. My mother went around before I went out and gave each neighbor a pack of microwave popcorn and a can of Diet Sprite. Once I caught on, I was disappointed. My life would never be the same. Nevertheless, I ate lots of candy today. It’s better trying to keep up with the effects of that compared to the diarrhea that excessive consumption of sugar-free products can give you. Happy Halloween indeed.

I worked on my Yoda jack-o-lantern for hours. Shannon made that spiffy ghost to the left. This year, I am saving more anticipation for tomorrow…the release of Star Wars III on DVD.

Enjoy it you will.