>A Vasculitis Survivor Comments On My Blog

by jvaragona

>I received a notable comment to a posting last Sunday. The comment was regarding my posting on October 3rd about Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a horrible disease, that took my 14 year old brother’s life.

“Yeah, thanks for sharing. I just got out of the hospital a little over a week ago. They aren’t 100% what form of ANCA Vasculitis I have, but they think it may be Wegener’s. My kidneys seem to be okay, but my lungs were filling with blood and I couldn’t breathe for a while without being on pure oxygen. Things seem to be going okay now. Only time will tell. Thanks again.”


It felt good to get to somebody. I feel bad that she had to read a worst case scenario, but I am glad that someone that is suffering from this at a young age like my brother (Kim is 21) is surviving. Her blog covering her survival is at http://faithofanemptyhand.blogspot.com. It’s nice, but sad, to hear of someone else’s personalized story. At least it is one of hope.