>MC Dubya

by jvaragona

> I never thought I would ever blare the voice of George W. Bush on my computer speakers or on my car stereo. That is until I found www.thepartyparty.com. RX, the pseudonym of the guy that runs the site, remixes Presidential speeches and other media sources to phat beats like samples of “My Generation” and “Sympathy for the Devil” to make some crazy stuff. My favorite tracks are “Dick Is A Killer” and “My Name Is RX.” He also has T-shirts and CDs available.

RX isn’t the only one in on this craze. If you go to DIYMEDIA.net’s collage section, they have a smorgasboard of other interpretation’s of political speeches and whatnot. A personal favorite of mine there is a nice take on Michael Moore’s Oscar Acceptance speech for Bowling for Columbine…you know, the “Shame on you Mr. Bush” one. So I can now say I am a fan of the President, at least his music.