>R.I.P. Miss Deaf Texas


The headline reads: “Miss Deaf Texas Killed By Train”.

I know it is sick of me to make light of such a story and make it look amusing, but hear me out. Why is this news, for one (besides how she died…read the story)? And why must we single people out by their differences, which only points out those differences more, when the whole time I figured everyone wanted to be equal. We have Miss Deaf America…wait, better yet, I just found Miss Black Deaf America. Not only are they deaf, but also black. Then of course, you have Miss Black America, Miss Gay Universe, Miss Philippines-America, and The Miss Ugly (in China), amongst countless others. I do not understand. I think it was more impressive having a deaf woman win Miss America or even a diabetic win the pageant. Put everyone on a level playing field–even the uglies.

Not the deceased, but still odd.

Inevitably someone will read this and add that we should have Miss Caucasian America and White Entertainment Television. I understand that these differences are used too much, but that may be taking it too far, especially considering a TV network called WET. I can see the Aryan porn jokes now.

If we are all equal, let us be equal. Don’t point out to me that you’re deaf, black, or gay. Either I will notice or I won’t.

If this continues, I have no choice, but to start a Mr. Diabetic America pageant.

And Miss Deaf Texas…rest in peace.

UPDATE (3/15/06): She was texting when hit by train. Technology–what a shame.

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