>Boy, I Been Huffin’ That Insulin

The FDA has approved the first inhalable insulin. In this age of abuse of prescription drugs, such as Oxycontin and Adderall, will insulin inhalers be the next big thing? I, myself, enjoy the “high” of a low blood sugar. I act like I am drunk, and it’s a lot cheaper. If non-diabetics got their hands on this stuff, who knows what could happen? The thought of injecting when unnecessary isn’t very appealing to non-diabetics, I am sure, but to get the same effect through inhaling it, good lord…there could be tons of high school age kids acting like me. It’s frightening.

When I was that age, I knew people that would crush up anything and snort it, from asthma pills to vitamins, which is ridiculous, but true. Kids would sell their prescription drugs and their parents’, even Viagra was game. The underground Ritalin market was crazy. So you say, are kids really that stupid? I answer to you, yes, very much so, and even more so today.