Jim Varagona

>Bring On the Coffee Flavored Beer!

>According to Schlafly’s web site, Oct. 26 will mark the return of their Coffee Stout. I ate that shit up last year, but it wasn’t shit, and I drank it. I know, I know…St. Louis is Budweiser country. The hell with that. I want beer that tastes like real beer, or in this case, coffee. I wonder if there’s enough coffee in there to balance out the depressive part of beer. Actually I don’t get depressed when I drink beer, but I do eat wet wipes and dog bones.

Do try the Schlafly Coffee Stout though. It tastes like cold coffee with a heavy fizz. Who can’t pass that up?! It should hit St Louis area stores shortly after that date. If not, run to their Bottleworks site in Maplehood, MO and demand it.


>It Wasn’t In the Cards

Boy that last game sucked. I guess that means bring in the wrecking ball. Goodbye Busch. So long to standing in an inch of piss with 30 other guys, drinking $9 beers, and baseball…for now. And go Sox!

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