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>For that nagging crotch rot…

>Try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It is available at Target and other fine stores. Unfortunately, their site (besides the main page) is down due to Katrina. They are located in Louisiana, you see. It works good on my dry elbows and knees too. They suggest it for pretty much any skin ailment you might have. Even Shaq and Britney jumped on its bandwagon.

The fine line of Butt Paste products

-One Butt Paste thing to note is if you haven’t touched the tube in a while, you will be surprised by a clear grease on the first squeeze, so massage the tube like your mother’s calves to mix it well.

Also, for that not-so-swell feeling downstairs is the amusing Anti-Monkey Butt Powder. I myself have not tried this one, but (heh heh) how can you deny it???!

The Anti-Monkey Butt Mobile?

Even if you don’t experience these choadal region ailments, they make fine Christmas presents, gag gift or not. AMB is especially recommended for “motorcyclists, horseback riders, bicyclists, runners, and truck drivers,” so keep that in mind.

Oh…this is a real neat-o crotch rot story.



>Random Interesting Bits-O-Blog

>So I was browsing through other blogs and here are some good ones…

Kid gets hand stuck in vacuum!

Girl complains about acid reflux and her period!–thanks to technology, we can now know these intimate details of people’s lives.

Pope Ratzinger Comic Satire–stuff in other languages makes me laugh, mainly because I don’t understand it.

I like this lady’s intro.: “I’m an ex-Witch, now Christian for the last 9 years…” nuff said.

Your guide to plane crash info.–latest plane crashes, plane crash lawyers, etc.

…and if you’ve been severely depressed recently, here’s some help.

…some people.

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